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Irfan Has Won

In Berita Aktual on December 14, 2007 at 3:39 pm

untitled-1-copy.jpgAH. Nasution (14/12)—Irfan Al-faristi has selected to be the president of Department Journalism and Communication in Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Sunan Gunung Djati (SGD) Bandung. He has taken some ellemination with two principle as the journalism human destinations. And work a holic is the most of motto on his ordinary. Beside that Irfan has got some predicate as the best one in his direction. Not only got the best predicat but he is the best of index prestation comulation by the result 3,4.

Irfan said to JP in front of the class after the breaking class.

“I just can said into my prestation and whose election me to be the president of journalism and im so apreceated. Just alloh the benefition the merciful of be to alloh the lord of the world the master of the days after, the creater of everything in this univers he has no partner, that’s the reason.” He said.

While Irvan stopped short of saying, he show to JP his dialy book, wich in the dialy book he has wrote all ordinary since 1997 years. What about that.

“this just my ordinaries day when the vacantion days coming, and was borred so I writing all my ordinary just for my journal as my dedication” Irfan said.



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