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Don’t Leave Me Journalistic

In Artikel on November 12, 2007 at 12:04 pm

By Zarien Vandergos
Time has passed, you’ve left and gone on a separate path, yet here i am holding on to something that everyone knows is not meant to be. I can no longer tell my friends, my lec. That I’m crazy for you, cause they’re sick of telling me that I’m such a fool holding on to someone who has absolutely no feelings for me, someone who’ll probably never see the good in me.

But you see they don’t understand that despite it all, you’re probably the only one that makes me whole again, the one that makes me smile genuinely. You meet new people everyday, from the first graduate till the last, but now im not as journalist more, because I was leaved the class program. And you tell me how each of them like you as well.

Im too young to go out of your direction, and im sad if im never again meeting the lectures in the class. Its made me crazy, and passed. Just calm down ang getting the happy ending for my direction at journalistic UIN SGD. Im never forget you all.

Im not jealous but it just makes me whole my feelings back further cause I wonder what makes me think that you’re actually gonna choose me over the rest? hmm, bad student hope. I don’t know if you’re attached or your heart’s for another.

Everyday, I long to hear from you either through a class, task or examination and when i finally gather enough courage to speak up with you over in the faculty, somehow i just feel that i’m being an irritant and you just wanna get rid of me. I find every other reason to meet you sometimes.

You just don’t get what its like to be in my shoes. I’ll never be able to tell you this perhaps but i’d just wish for you to know that you’re someone that can really make me happy and i’d do anything i can to see you happy as well. i’ll probably never be able to tell you that i like you and you’re never going to have such feelings for me too, so well isn’t it time i realise that we’re not meant to be and letting go is the best option?

The mind says let go, the journalist says hold on.
Maybe i’m still wishing for a miracle.

The author is student Depart. Communication of Journalistic semester VII, now he still studying at journalistic as well as.


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